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TLV Streets - אישי רחוב

Out street name turns into a dim a blurry part of our personality.

we write, type and scribe it multiple times a day.

What do we know about the personality and resume of those whose names became a part of our lives? On the website of the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality there can be found basic biographical details. Our website will attempt to show, in a new chapter every week, the human side behind those who were once called rightfully or not “Exemplary Men”. figures the have lived in the time where “it was happy before we were born” as the song of jonathan jaffen states  


We appreciate your assistance, especially if the street is named after an acquaintance or family member, if you have stories or photographers they will be kindly received with love.

You may contact us at this address tlvstreets@gmail.com, or at this number 050-7610008.


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